There is freedom in exposure and power in written word.
I have found that documenting the seemingly mundane occurrences of ordinary days mystically unlocks the riches buried within them. Our lives are masterpieces, mosaics; Divinely composed of single moments- some dark and ominous, others bright and sparkling with promise- each working together to bring about a unique and extraordinary design. We are fashioned with purpose as unique expressions of God to our world. This is my attempt to illuminate and celebrate the various shades of the mosaic of my life.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Tonight, I was bombarded by images of life fresh from the womb, photos and footage from lands far and near. I heard whispers of my story and saw glimpses of my child on unfamiliar faces. Sights of distant lands roused my deep. Humanity in raw obscurity gripped me tightly and holds me still. The purity of innocence haunts me. The intimate interaction of mother and child is universal . . . and quite entrancing. Who would guess that a movie with no dialogue could stir the soul in such a profound way? Babies. I highly recommend it.

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